Being bold on AI means being responsible from the start

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We know building AI responsibly must be a collective effort involving researchers, social scientists, industry experts, governments, creators, publishers and people using AI in their daily lives.

We’re sharing our innovations with others to increase impact, as in the case of Perspective API, which was originally developed by our researchers at Jigsaw to mitigate toxicity found in online comments. We’re now applying it to our large language models (LLMs) — including every model mentioned at I/O — and academic researchers used it to create an industry-standard evaluation used by all significant LLMs, including models from OpenAI and Anthropic.

We believe that everyone benefits from a vibrant web ecosystem, today and in the future. To support that, we’ll be working with the web community on ways to give web publishers choice and control over their web content.

Part of what makes AI such an exciting area of focus is that the potential to benefit people and society everywhere is immense and palpable, as the imperative to develop and use it responsibly. So much is changing and evolving as AI advances, and more people experience, share, develop and use it. We constantly learn from our research, experiences, users and the wider community — and incorporate what we learn into our approach. Looking forward, there’s so much we can accomplish and so much we must get right — together.


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