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What if your marketing efforts could deliver a 70% increase in orders or a 600% boost in leads? Are you working with a results-oriented marketing agency that can make this a reality? 

Leading performance marketing agencies have a proven track record of helping businesses achieve significant results. Here, we explore a few examples of one agency’s success stories across diverse industries.

The Agency: Prebo Digital 

Prebo Digital is a Johannesburg-based performance marketing agency specialising in performance and brand marketing. Their expertise is crafting data-driven strategies to reach business objectives across a comprehensive suite of services, including Google Ads, SEO, social media marketing, marketplace marketing, CRO and website development. 

Prebo Digital prioritises building strong client relationships and working collaboratively to achieve specific business goals for its clients. Its Google Premier Partner status, Meta business partner and Verified Amazon Ads status further cement its reputation for excellence in driving results through paid campaigns. 

Case #1: Boosting Sales and Brand Awareness

Whether you’re a weekend warrior pushing your limits or a professional athlete striving for victory, having the right equipment is crucial. One essential element for many athletes is proper support for their joints. Here’s where The Space Brace steps in.

The Space Brace is a leading provider of sports braces dedicated to helping athletes of all levels achieve their full potential. Their innovative, high-quality braces offer targeted support and compression to help prevent injuries, enhance performance, and accelerate recovery.

performance marketing

The Challenge: The Space Brace sought to increase sales and brand awareness and reach new customers in the competitive sportsbrace market.

The Solution:  A multi-pronged approach included targeted advertising campaigns across Google Ads, Facebook Ads, and Amazon Marketing.  They facilitated a successful launch on Amazon, including setting up Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) and optimising product listings. Additionally, Prebo Digital targeted specific sports communities online to build brand awareness among passionate athletes.

The Results: The Space Brace saw a remarkable 70% increase in orders, a 64% revenue jump, and doubled their Amazon revenue within three months. This case study exemplifies an agency’s ability to drive sales and brand presence across various platforms.

Case #2: Optimising Lead Generation

Traditionally, car buying and selling have involved time-consuming visits to dealerships, haggling over prices, and mountains of paperwork. However, companies like Weelee are revolutionising the experience.

Weelee started as an online platform that has now merged the online experience with an in-person MegaStore in Johannesburg, South Africa. The online platform streamlines car buying and selling, offering convenience, transparency, and speed, whereas the in-person experience allows you to test drive, ask questions and more. Whether you’re looking to upgrade your ride or sell your current car quickly and easily, Weelee provides a user-friendly platform that empowers you to take control of the transaction. 

performance marketing

The Challenge: Weelee, a prominent online car buying and selling platform, struggled with low completion rates on its lengthy car selling form, which hindered lead generation.

The Solution:  Through in-depth user behaviour analysis, Prebo Digital redesigned the form for improved usability. This involved streamlining the layout, content, and design for a more conversational experience.  They also strategically incorporated psychological validation techniques to build trust with users.

The Results: The redesigned form yielded a 12% increase in completion rate, leading to more deals.  Additionally, there was a 28% increase in users initiating the car upload process.  This case study highlights the expertise needed to optimise user experience for lead generation.

Case #3: SEO Success Story

For many, staying hydrated is a constant battle. But what if getting fresh, high-quality drinking water was as convenient as ordering groceries online?  Living Water, a prominent player in the UK’s office water supply industry, aims to do just that.

Living Water delivers top-notch water cooler services directly to offices throughout Greater London. They offer a range of water cooler options, from classic mains-fed systems to refreshing bottled spring water dispensers.  Their focus on excellent customer service and reliable deliveries ensures your office stays well-hydrated and productive throughout the workday.

performance marketing
Plastic Water cooler over nature background

The Challenge: Living Water, a well-established water delivery service in London, aimed to enhance its online visibility, attract more qualified leads, and increase organic website traffic.

The Solution:  A comprehensive SEO strategy was implemented,  including an in-depth website audit, tailored plan development, optimisation of high-traffic pages, strategic content creation, and improved on-page elements across brand and product category pages.  

The Results: Living Water experienced a staggering 313% surge in organic website traffic and a phenomenal 600% increase in organic leads, demonstrating the effectiveness of the SEO and content strategy in driving user engagement and conversions.  

The number of ranked keywords rose by 64%, with a particular focus on commercially valuable keywords.  The click-through rate (CTR) for non-blog pages also saw a notable improvement of 33%, solidifying the success of the collaborative efforts in boosting overall website performance and generating tangible business results for Living Water.

Case #4: Thriving Omnichannel Strategy

Established in 2008, Store & More has become a one-stop shop for “beneficial merchandise” for the whole family. With over 100 categories to explore, they offer a vast selection of products for every room and every need. 

From storage containers and housewares to outdoor furniture and office supplies, Store & More makes it easy to find precisely what you want to organise, decorate, or entertain in your South African home or business.

performance marketing

The Challenge:  Store & More, a South African retailer offering household and business goods, aimed to grow brand awareness, online revenue, and in-store visits within a competitive market.

The Solution: An omnichannel marketing strategy was developed, incorporating product listing and conversion rate optimisation (CRO) strategies and integrating Google My Business listings to enhance online visibility. 

The Results:  The partnership between Store & More and Prebo Digital proved highly successful.  Within six months, store visit interest skyrocketed by 251%, indicating the strategy’s effectiveness in driving foot traffic.  Additionally, brand search volume increased by 50%, demonstrating success in raising brand awareness.  

Profitable online shopping campaigns contributed to online revenue growth, setting Store & More on a solid growth trajectory. This case study is a prime example of an agency’s expertise crafting effective omnichannel marketing strategies.

Choosing A Performance Marketing Agency

Prebo Digital‘s proven track record across various industries demonstrates its ability to create data-driven strategies that deliver actual results. Its focus on user experience and strategic digital marketing techniques ensures it can optimise your online presence, drive targeted traffic, and convert leads or traffic into sales.

Don’t wait to take your business to the next level. Contact Prebo Digital today for a free consultation and discover how their expertise can help you achieve your business objectives.

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